Being a #DSIR in 2022. Take 2!

Co3 Archives of Humanity. Image: Chris Symes

Another year and not one, but two rounds of the Australia Council’s Digital Strategist in Residence Program.

From February to May I was lucky enough to work with Co3, Western Australia’s leading contemporary dance company. We developed a strategy that focussed on consolidating their already fantastic digital programs, many of them developed pre-, during and post-pandemic. It reinforced the idea that a digital strategy doesn’t need to focus on the next new and shiny tech, but in many cases it’s about:

  • recognition from an external person that an organisation is already doing cool digital things, and
  • that these just need to be documented in a planned way, relating to the Corporate Strategic Plan and identifying KPIs, timelines and resources

My reflections on the first 2022 intake was that we all face a number of shared challenges implementing digital in the arts sector across the following areas:

  • Communication and marketing strategies, including digital marketing/social media
  • CRMs: what are the best for small arts organisations? Best value for money + ability to make data-driven decisions
  • Project Management systems: ditto. What can work well for small organisations + being cost-effective? (See also this post from the 2021 program about Project Management Systems )
  • Accessibility in the digital space
  • Organisation structures and roles: what is best for enabling a digitally-led organisation?
  • Upskilling staff / digital literacy

And, specifically for performing arts, how to balance live performances with digital programming, specifically when thinking about reach and accessibility? A question I’d never really thought about before, but a good one to consider.

Then, after just one week to dust off the keyboard we were raring to go for the next intake! This round I’m working with Eastern Riverina Arts, who “… deliver core sector development programs for regional creatives in the Riverina region of Southern NSW”.

In our initial session we started to talk about their key digital challenges and opportunities, with some exciting ideas in the works, so watch this space…

While the DSIR program has changed and evolved, these posts I published in 2021 are still useful background for this round:

And, I’ll be tweeting any useful links and resources with the hashtag #DSIR2022 if you want to follow along! (I also created a Wakelet for the 2021 program, again as a reference point).

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