#DSIR: Marketing and Communication Plans

Round two, week three and we’re off and running in the Australia Council’s Digital Strategist-in-Residence program (background here).

One area of investigation that has emerged from the Digital Culture Compass Tracker process with Eastern Riverina Arts is to develop a Marketing and Comms plan that focuses on digital and social media. I have done a bit of tooling around the web and found the following resources which will be helpful in the weeks to come.

Research & Planning for Museum Marketing Success, MuseumNext:

  • Highlights important role of research and data
  • Suggests undertaking a SWOT (I always love a good SWOT, such a useful starting point, often overlooked) and a competitor analysis
  • Lists a range of useful starting questions around your marketing goals. What are they? Bring in more visitors? Attract different audiences? Increase revenue? Partnerships and fundraising?
  • Identify target audiences
  • Budget and implementation

Overall, a good starting point.

Marketing for Museums, MGNSW:

MGNSW has an amazing number of resources on their website. This downloadable Fact Sheet sets out similar areas to the above, with a reminder to think about your brand.

Building Digital Strategies & Interpreting Social Media Analytics, Museum Learning Hub (US)

An online video from a workshop which (while long!) does give a thorough overview of digital strategy, analytics and marketing. The video is also well laid out so you can skip to the bits you need. The topics covered are below:

Marketing planning – where to start, Museums Galleries Scotland:

A useful overview with checklists and a good resources section.

Developing a Marketing Plan, Te Papa National Services (NZ):

Again, another useful template with an easy-to-read set of tables that guide you though the process of planning and marketing, and a worked example to help you along the way.

Marketing and Promotion Resources, Arts Queensland:

Some good links, but note the link to the Australia Council’s guide to developing a marketing plan for arts organisations is broken, but I managed to find a downloadable version of the document here. It is a tad old but still very comprehensive. The site also contains resources for social media, public relations and audience development.

And, for those of you going ‘old-school book’ there’s also the classic, Museum Strategy and Marketing: Designing Missions, Building Audiences, Generating Revenue and Resources, by Neil and Philip Kotler (1998, Jossey-Bass). When I had a quick re-read this text still has some relevant information as well as, for the time, an interesting focus on audiences and research, and worth a look if your local library can source it for you.

Accessible Arts (NSW) have a great Resources page for all things accessibility, including a downloadable Marketing and Communications checklist, which I have uploaded here:

Finally, an oldie but a goodie! My work at the Australian Museum back in 2009 when social media was still shiny and new (and probably a lot nicer space to work in!), The Museum’s Social Media Strategy. This was also around the time where two, now famous, phrases were first coined that I still use today:

  • Write once, publish many times across a range of platforms
  • Work 20% differently, not 20% more

Good advice for all!

If you have any go-to resources, especially related to digital marketing, feel free to add to the comments.

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