#MSAANZ22 Blog posts and Resources

Attended the Museum Shops Association of Australia and New Zealand conference last week. Was lots of productive fun with a room full of switched-on retail folks and many more online via Zoom. Was great meeting so many members and talking about the impact of the pandemic on both the GLAM retail sector and the wider industry.

As promised, below are links to several resources I mentioned in the COVID panel session:

And, also as mentioned, here is the link to the Patternmakers Audience Outlook Monitor: a series of large research studies looking into how audiences are feeling about attending arts events. The latest report for August 2022 found:

  • Two-thirds of audiences say they are now ready to attend ‘whenever permitted’ (65%), and despite high case numbers say they are eager to get on with life under ‘COVID-normal’ conditions
  • In the fortnight before data collection, 76% attended a cultural event of some kind – live performances (49%), cinemas (32%) and museums/galleries (29%)
  • Uncertainty continues to lead people to buy tickets for events scheduled in the short-term, either seven days (26%) or later in the month (43%)
  • COVID is still a factor to contend with as almost half (46%) say the risk of transmission will inhibit their attendance in the next 12 months, as well as 24% stating financial reasons are a factor, with those aged under 35 the most affected (47%)
  • One in five (22%) say their attendance won’t be inhibited in any way in the next 12 months

There is also a dashboard that enables you to easily drill down into your specific region/area which I have used many times and is super-useful.

Thanks for having me MSAANZ and the final survey report will be sent around later in October, with the survey closing on 30 September so hurry and complete if you haven’t already!


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