What does it take to create a great education program?

Here’s a really useful post from Rebecca at Museum Questions. Some good advice for all museum (and other) programs, not just educational ones. #musdigi #museumed #museumeval

Museum Questions

As we plan for 2018 at the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum, we have decided to reduce the number of programs we offer, holding workshops and home-school programs monthly instead of semi-monthly, and cultural festivals bi-monthly instead of monthly. The goal is to leave more time to ensure excellence of programs, and to build strong systems that might then allow us to build up more effectively.

This has left me thinking: What does it take to create a great education program? What are the things that we often forget, but which are critical to enduring excellence?

Below is a list of 10 statements about programming which I believe to be true and important. Each of these statements in turn leads to its own sets of questions. I welcome readers’ thoughts – are there items here that are new to you, or which often go unconsidered? Are there things I…

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