Not another digital trends post? Well, yes, OK then…

Gratuitous foto of my 2020 working-from-home office companion, Molly!

While working with the Australian National Submarine Museum on their digital strategy (background here), I both Googled and reached out to the Twitter community to seek their ideas and input. The following trends we considered while developing the strategy. Note that many are specifically related to the pandemic, but hoping the good that came out of our sector’s response to this will continue.


Social media:

Older Australians (“Senior Surfers” aged 50+):

Online time:




General museum trends

Received the latest Museums in 2020+ by Ece Özdil, Founder of Jüniör. This is an update from her 2018 report, the latest being called Search for Meaning, with some good examples attached to each trend. Here’s the ones I found intriguing:

Loyalty revolution and the importance of memberships

Re:engagement, with the focus on not doing digital for digital sake – it must be aligned to strategy and “… driven by meaningful engagement.”

Accessibility online – “museums need to balance their experience and service offer considering the social, digital and cultural divide that the digital world might bring to people’s lives.”

Education recoded – digital as a tool for learning activities. However, worth reading this post: COVID-19 Has Taken a Toll on Museum Education highlighting survey findings that “… staff positions most affected by layoffs and furloughs due to COVID-19 were Guest Services/Admissions/Front of House/Retail (68%) and Education (40%).”

Neo-agile museum – with an understanding that agile processes are not only the remit of digital departments and require institution-wide commitment

Collections explained – visitors will increasingly expect a personal connection with curators, as many experienced this through the pandemic. How will museums continue this engagement?

Data frontiers – and data transparency

And, finally. Our friends at MuseumNext have also been thinking about trends and asked for predictions – here’s their list: Museum Digital Predictions for 2021.

Hope you’ve enjoyed, and Happy New Year!

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