Identifying and Coping with Digital Media Wicked Problems #MCN2019

Claire Pillsbury: Four signs of a wicked problem

#1 There is no consensus on what the problem is. Different stakeholders have different descriptions of the problem.

#2 There is no agreement on the solution.

#3 Constraints are constantly changing and there are many inter-dependencies.

#4 Constraints also arise from interested parties that may come and go, change their minds, mis-communicate, or change the ‘rules’ of solving the problem.

Wicked Problems, or things I wish I knew before I put my hand up to be the digital go-to person

  1. Digital is not going away anytime soon #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  2. Any digital project is, by nature, an organisational change project. #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  3. Must take people with you, even if it’s kicking and screaming! #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  4. Everyone thinks they’re an expert in how to do digital. #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  5. “I can build a website, run a Facebook group, make a movie in a week. Why can’t you?” #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  6. The Director usually has no clue, gets seduced by the new and shiny (“Director specials”), and needs to be dealt with diplomatically… #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  7. Only the few still really ‘get’ social media, not the many. #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  8. Why does digital and marketing still remain at loggerheads and why is marketing and digital marketing / social media often still separate? #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  9. Design thinking and agile ways of working don’t necessarily fit in organisations, many of which, were essentially established on 19th century ways of working. #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  10. Dilemma! Do audiences want digital as part of their physical visit?? More here: (post)digital visitors, and I’m still hearing the same. #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  11. Framing the issues as “wicked problems” seems a good way forward for digital projects – gives everyone permission to stuff up and embrace complexity #wickedproblems #MCN2019
  12. My personal philosophy – just do it, apologise later, learn from mistakes, share and celebrate failures! An example in this post: #beaconfail #wickedproblems #MCN2019

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More about our session here.

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