Strategic Planning in small museums … the usual stuff plus some new thinking

WW EntryNext week I’ll be running a strategic planning workshop for a small, totally volunteer-run museum in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW.

An exciting time for this organisation as we plan for the collection move to a new facility, with associated spaces for exhibitions, programs, interpretation and (potentially) an open storage area.

In preparation I have gathered a range of resources I’ve found useful in planning this project (detailed in the Readings list below).

In addition to the ‘usual’ planning processes, two areas I’m thinking of introducing are:

Inclusive practices – how to adapt some of the strategies from the just-released AMaGA Indigenous Roadmap and reflections from my (intermittent) participation in the #MassActionReadingGroup.

Self-care – this idea has been gaining lots of coverage lately, and, in my opinion, is particularly relevant for a volunteer-run museum to maintain motivation, avoid burn-out and (potential) exploitation.

It will be interesting to see if we can develop a plan that is achievable, flexible, useful and incorporates some of this thinking – wish us luck!


Huge thanks to MGNSW for providing the grant for this project and to the dedicated volunteers for their time and enthusiasm.

Readings and references

Strategic Planning for small organisations

Collection management / policies

Volunteer Management / Issues

Inclusive practices


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