What’s happening with Members and Philanthropy across the arts sector?

ANMM members

ANMM Members

It has long been recognised that members are an important part of any cultural and not-for-profit organisation as they are loyal supporters of the institution, they support financially through member fees, donations and bequests. They are also key advocates, often having a long-term relationship with the institution and are passionate about it. Most institutions have long had some form of membership scheme, often spanning long time periods, for example, in the UK the first recorded friends group dates from 1909 at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge (Slater, 2004). Slater also noted the steady increase in membership organisations in the UK since the 1970s, with around 3.5 million memberships held in the UK in 2004.

Simon (2007) discussed the importance of graduating members to donor member, bequest, and influencer status, stating that “… museums can make the relationship between members and donors clearer by giving members an option to elect (partially) what their membership fee supports”, therefore not only transferring the ‘value’ of admission from one of experience cost into an exercise in donation, but also “… generating data about new members interests, which can then be cultivated with targeted marketing of programs and giving campaigns”.

During 2015 the Australian National Maritime Museum embarked on a large study of members, both current and lapsed, in order to identify any problems and issues and take remedial action were necessary. A subsequent paper (Kelly and Varga, 2016) published in the Museums Galleries Australia Magazine reported on findings from this study, as well as key points from the literature around membership programs in cultural institutions.

In order to get a snapshot of how cultural institutions and the performing arts work with members, “friends of” or subscribers to enhance and support foundation and/or philanthropic initiatives we have an online survey. Initial findings were presented at Culture Business, Canberra in 2018. As this session generated high interste we have continued to run the survey.

So, please go ahead and complete the survey here (by COB 22 February), or feel free to share this with your colleagues. All those that complete a valid survey and provide an email address will receive a copy of the Outcomes Report.

References / further readings

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ANMM Members – spot Deanna!

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