#MEETDAY2018 – an event not to miss!


We welcome all species to #MEETDAY2018!

So, I know that you are:

  • Wanting to know how to create a 360 video easily 
  • Interested in how to co-design 
  • Dying to find out what’s happening in the education, evaluation and tech fields across the cultural sector 
  • Keen to hear Genevieve Bell in an intimate setting 
  • Interested in networking √

So, #MEETDAY2018 is for you! And, conveniently, just the day before the #MGA2018 conference.

To view the program and activities go to the #MEETDAY2018 website. We have an exciting group of lightning talks so far from museums, galleries and academia as follows:

  • Using feedback to create a successful digital excursion (MoAD)
  • Re-imagining the little Leaellynasaura polar dinosaur: a co-creative tactile Mixed Reality museum experience (Deakin University)
  • Testing audience response to increasing temporary exhibition prices (NMA)
  • Deepening engagement with students (MCA)
  • Educators as curators of student learning (University of Melbourne)
  • Big ideas, little people and craft: PlayUP (MoAD)
  • “This is our voice” – inviting visitor voices into learning programs (MAAS)

Go to the links below to book your place (and once you have added your order to your cart, please go up to the top menu to check out – just some helpful advice!):

If you have any questions please contact me as the EVRNN Convenor: evrnnma@gmail.com

See you there – it’s gonna be great!


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