We’re Slack…

slack 1As part of some work I’m doing (yes, semi-retired and busier than ever!) am taking advantage of the wonder that is Slack – one of the better collaborative project management tools out there.

I had great success using Slack for a mobile app development project at the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM). We set up a group with ANMM staff and the developers, both based in Sydney while I was at a conference in LA. This meant I could keep track of all updates and progress as well as checking content without having to wade through countless emails, the best part being it was all via my mobile phone. I’m also using it as a communication tool in a mentoring situation which has been a great learning experience for us both.

slack 2So, for those of you who have just got my Slack invite (you know who you are!) here’s some help in using Slack:

And of course the Slack Help Centre itself (as well as the Slack bots in the app themselves – they’re really very helpful).

So, hope you have as much fun ‘Slack-ing off’ as I am!

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