Getting Digital Done at #MGAconf2017

GDD imageThis year’s Museums Galleries Australia National Conference again sees Jonny Brownbill (@jonnybrownbill), Michael Parry (@vaguelym) and yours truly (@lyndakelly61) running another Getting Digital Done (GDD) session. Between us we bring over twenty years experience in all aspects of digital production across the cultural and creative sectors.

This year we have a full 90 minutes to talk about and share digital issues for the GLAM sector generally and for your institutions in particular.

Our session is Concurrent Session 5, 3:30pm-5:00pm on Monday 15 May in Plaza Room 9. After a short intro by the GDD team, we will get the discussion going. From previous feedback and continual tweaking, this year we are running the session in two parts:

  1. Share and connect: tell us about a project you have been working on; we will hear a few “lightning” talks, then break into groups to dive deeper into topics of interest
  2. Sector support: what is the one thing you think will help us do better digital as a sector? We will re-group, brainstorm and share.

We would love to know who will be in the room and any burning issues you would like us to address. We have a list already, but we want to be sure ours lines up with yours. To help us get ready, please fill in our GDD participant form – it is only a few quick questions.

These sessions have been extremely popular at previous conferences as they are designed to be audience-focussed, interactive and a fun learning experience (and they are usually over-subscribed), so sign up now!


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