Speak out or be silent? Which sounds louder?

#museumhour is a weekly Twitter chat for people working in the museum and heritage sector. This week organisers had planned to talk about capital projects but the topic was changed at the last minute to discuss how museums respond to political events, neutrality, activism, protests and should we take a stand as a sector?

Many interesting ideas were shared and you can catch up on them here: How do museums respond to political events – institutionally & individually?

However you feel about the important world events currently unfolding there is an acknowledgement that they will be significant historically as highlighted in the chat:

Protest sign reads 'History has its eyes on you': taken at the Edinburgh march against #MuslimBan from the Royal Academy to Scottish Parliament #museumhour 31/01/2017

Edinburgh march against #MuslimBan from the Royal Academy to Scottish Parliament by @eloquentpeasant

When history is happening right before our eyes there are current and future considerations – when we look back on this time will we be comfortable with what we did or did not do? Is it only controversial when events are political? What do people outside museums expect from us?

I think it’s extraordinary that we can conduct and record a global real-time conversation about significant national and international events and be responsive as institutions and individuals. What a time to be alive!

To help inform the discussions take a look at Museums are places for who? And What? by @lyndakelly61 and add your thoughts.

Follow @museumhour and join in the next chat #museumhour – a weekly museum debate from the UK and hosted on Twitter.

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