Measuring the impact of museums and galleries #TBT



OK, it’s a late #TBT but I know it’s still Thursday somewhere… In a meeting talking about the work of museums and galleries and the impact they have on (and in) their communities, and was reminded of work that has gone before, for example:

Museums; their missions; their civic, social responsibilities; and their modes of engagement with communities are in a constant process of transformation in response to social and economic imperatives at local, national and global levels. There is a need for museums to stay relevant and be responsive to pressing social and environmental issues such as population and sustainability, social justice and Indigenous rights. Funding bodies and stakeholders now acknowledge that museums and programs need to demonstrate impact and value within their local communities in order to attract further funding and ongoing support. Several models of impact have been developed in Europe and the United States, and a number of benefits are claimed for participation in museum programs and museum visitation. (Kelly, 2006).

I’m blogging this mostly so I can keep references together and keep as I come across more. Don’t worry, all will be as clear as mud later…!



Impact References

3 thoughts on “Measuring the impact of museums and galleries #TBT

  1. Matt Morgan says:

    Thanks for the mention of Concrete Thoughts. Just a note that most of your links are about Museums showing they have larger impact in society. All I’m trying to suggest is that museum digital/tech departments could measure how much they impact museum visitation, and visitor understanding of art. Way less ambitious … but I suppose it’s telling that we don’t mostly even try to show how well we do the first-order things we’re trying to do.

    • lyndakelly61 says:

      Hi Matt and thanks for this. I believe the problem with measuring impact (well, one of them) is that we make it too hard and complicated, therefore nothing ever gets done! Couldn’t agree more with going the less-ambitious route.

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