Seamless social media #TBT

@DoctorKarl – he now has 300k twitter followers…

The year 2016. The 27th annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes. A push from our eminent hosts to trend on Twitter, invade Instagram and flood Facebook. #Eureka16.

The year 2008. The 19th annual Australian Museum Eureka Prizes. A blog post that shows how new Twitter was (and how little understood), what a novelty Facebook was and how Flickr was the forerunner to Instagram (well, kinda). Back then museums were asking “what’s the point of social media” and questioning the time taken to do social media “it takes too long”. And, people were saying (just like the famous scientist in the photo!): “Twitter? That’s stupid”.

Me and a certain someone at the 2008 Eureka Awards

How far we have come. How far we have to go. Attending the awards dinner this week (and a brilliant event it was too) caused me to reminisce and reflect on those times long ago where everything was so hard yet we kept plugging away. Thanks to all those who persisted – while we still have ways to go we have achieved a lot.

So, here’s to the great Australian scientists and science recognised at the awards over the years, and here’s to us – the digital pioneers. And, here’s to the social platforms of the future. Let’s hope those pathways are easier, more accepted and provide just as much fun and laughter!

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