It’s a dog’s life!


Image: Stephen Cooper, Daily Telegraph

Now for a little bit of lightness. If, like me, you’ve been getting lots of posts recently about how museums need to be more this, more that, coupled with a bit of doom and gloom for the sector, then here’s something a little bit out of the box, and a surprising addition to a museum.


Bailey Haggarty, the newest Maritime Museum staff member, is shaking up how we see working at a museum. Sure, there are bring your dog to work days, and some museums (such as the Exploratorium in SF) do encourage staff to have their dogs at work. But, the difference here is that our dog actually works at the museum!

While Bailey’s official title is Assistant Director, Seagulls, responsible for containing the museum’s burgeoning seagull poop problem, we are finding that he’s a great addition to our visitor experience, as well as a real morale booster for staff, plus a great news story as you can see below:

To keep up with Bailey’s hectic job follow him on Facebook and Instagram (@anmmbailey), and there are semi-regular updates on the museum’s blog. I’ll certainly be taking a closer look at how Bailey can add value to the experience by bring happiness and laughter to our many museum visitors.

Here’s to the wonderful joy that is having a dog!


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