Art of Change: Innovating in our National Collecting Institutions

qr codesAs part of Innovation Month 2016, the Department of Communications and the Arts, Canberra, is hosting (and live streaming) a seminar next Thursday 21 July, from 10:30-11:30.

What is this all about? In their words:

“These days, it seems that everything is becoming digital and moving online. For galleries and museums, whose works of art have traditionally hung on walls or been displayed as exhibits viewed by visitors to their buildings, this poses new challenges in attracting and engaging audiences. However, times are changing, and our National Collecting Institutions are creating new ways to connect our extraordinary national collections with audiences.”

The first forum features speakers from the National Library of Australia (Sarah Schindeler), the Australian National Maritime Museum (yours truly!) and the National Museum of Australia (Robert Bunzli) about their vision for the future of museums and innovation.

My talk will focus on digital visitors, digital teachers and digital students, highlighting two of our innovative and (relatively) new museum programs:

The Department has made live streaming available for the event. To view, go to the Department’s webstream page on Thursday 21 July from 10:30-11:30. You can also follow us on Twitter:

I haven’t been live streamed before so am very much looking forward to participating (but not the cold Canberra weather…). Hope you can follow along!





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