Surprising Facebook memories


Drs Kelly and Russo in pioneering times!

OK, so Facebook has this “On this Day” function which, I confess, I always click on to see what gems emerge from my past. I know that occasionally these aren’t always happy memories, but in the majority of cases they serve to remind me of interesting people I have met, projects I have done and places I have been since I joined Facebook in 2007.


One particular, very happy and surprising memory that popped up was a series of posts I wrote in 2009 for the Western Museums Association in the US. My Facebook friend, James G. Leventhal (@jamesgleventhal), asked me to reflect on my adventures in digital and social media, which was a big discussion in our field at the time – what were these mysterious tools and how might museums take advantage of them?

So here goes (and best read in this order):

  • Confessions of a 5am blogger – how I learned to blog in conjunction with others. An important lesson here was work with like-minded people and just give it a go.
  • Secrets from a midnight social networker – why and how I got hooked on social media and where I thought it might take us. Now, in 2016, things haven’t changed too much, just that waaaay many more people are using these (and new) platforms as a matter of course. Also reflecting on platforms long gone and why – remember anyone?
  • What have I actually learned about social networking (after much lost sleep) – while it may now seem quaint, the lesson in this post, especially the realisation that social networking was a part of our everyday jobs, was quite a revelation in 2009, and probably still rings true of some organisations today…

I have linked to these posts, not only to remind myself of some interesting and exciting times, but to reflect on issues that may seen mainstream today but were really challenging then. I also thought these were very relevant as, having just celebrated twenty years of Museums and the Web conferences, I noticed we are still having many of the same conversations now as when these posts were written in 2009 (check out my #MWXX wrap-up).

Ironically, as it turns out I did write this blog post at 5am, so I guess things don’t really change. Enjoy your Facebook memories!


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