Messing about in boats … and dabbling with #Instagram

CWBFIn the lead up to our Classic & Wooden Boat Festival (CWBF) happening in a few weeks’ time I’m thinking lots about Instagram. It’s a platform I don’t engage with at all personally, although for some strange reason I’ve ended up with over 150 followers…

So, for someone a tad unfamiliar with this tool and knowing how much the CWBF community love their boats and sharing pictures of them, I believe that Instagram will offer the perfect platform to boost our engagement with this audience and share some cool stuff, both in the lead-up to Festival and at the event itself.

Googling “best practice museums on Instagram” threw up some nice posts and summaries for time-poor folks like me to get up to speed / re-engage:

For some inspiration here’s a collection of 15 photographers to follow on Instagram, published on the Creative Bloq website.

Boat Porn on Facebook, with around 70,000 followers, is a classic example of sharing the love of boats, and the hashtag #boatporn on Instagram has over 18,000 posts, with some stunning images being shared. I’m now quite excited by the idea of an Instagram takeover, using those with already established followings to become ambassadors for the brand and the content – in this case beautiful classic boats and #boatporn, and am thinking seriously about it for the Festival, so watch this space.

The Classic & Wooden Boat Festival will be held at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, from 15 – 17 April, 2016:

  • Book in to our FREE Symposium, Preserving our maritime heritage, where we will be unpacking the questionwhat does “classic” mean in a contemporary world?
  • Enter our Instagram competition to celebrate Australia’s beautiful boats and win some amazing cash prizes!

Finally, as that famous cultural icon Ratty, from Wind in the Willows, said:ratty

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

And that’s what I’ll be doing at the Festival – see you there!


3 thoughts on “Messing about in boats … and dabbling with #Instagram

  1. Sabine Doolin says:

    Thanks Lynda. Instagram can also be driver to visit. I heard this from a young visitor in a focus group about our Late at Tate evening events for a younger audience recently: “A lot of my friends like going to places they could take good pictures, like Instagram. I can see it can bring a lot of people in if they think there would be good moments to take good pictures for Instagram.”
    (We just had our VSG conference the last 2 days, so thought of you and your session – cant believe it was 2 years ago. )
    All the best, Sabine

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