How do you create and build a game??


Students from Waimea Heights PS, Hobart help launch the game

We launched our new educational game, The Voyage, yesterday at the Tasmanian Museum and Gallery in Hobart. Part of the online resources (which are a work-in-progress) include a series of four short films made by roar film, Tasmania, that delve further into the game’s content and background.

In one of these we hear from the creators of the game, who talk about the challenges of building a game based on what could be seen as “boring history” and that also needed to be accessible across the vast range of devices and platforms that different players will use. The film is well worth a look as it gives great insights into the game-building process, hearing directly from those who do this for a living. Check it out here.

Other resources about The Voyage and gaming in general:

To play the game go to this link. Go on, you know you want to!


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