Evil, torture, #TBT …

Chatting in the office to a colleague currently undertaking the Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum MOOC run by the University of Leicester, reminded me of some work I was involved in way back in 2009 on a potential exhibition about “evil”.  The exhibition project manager, Bliss Jensen, and I started a blog as a way to engage potential audiences in that topic, seek feedback and share our ideas and thoughts. We published a paper on this work, Exploring Social Media for Front-End Evaluation, in the Fall edition of the 2009 Exhibitionist journal (and which I have now uploaded here: Jensen_Kelly, 2009) that looked at the challenges and what we learned during this process, particularly when considering a topic that has the potential to be controversial.

On that blog I reported on an evaluation we conducted on a potential exhibition on torture, which was one of the more fascinating studies I remember undertaking during my long audience research career – check it out here MOOC’ers!

The front-end evaluation conducted on the general topic of evil is also worth a look – some results from that study can be found here. Participants were asked to bring along an image that represented evil to them which they then made into a collage – two of these are in the images below (note the cigarette!). There were some great and thoughtful responses to the topic, giving insights into how far visitors wanted to go with a topic like this…

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