#MWA2015 takeaways


@nicolekearney presents

We’re having a #brownbaglunch today, with the four of us who attended Museums and the Web Asia presenting our key takeaways to staff and interested others.

Here’s two great summary posts from @amelbowCreating, connecting, participating in communities and Thoughts and comments from the #MWA2015 Twitter stream.

Channelling my inner @nhoneysett I decided to do my presentation as a series of twelve tweets:

  • #MWA2015_1 “The phone stare” – what are visitors really doing on their devices in museums? Check out Nik Honeysett’s keynote, Witchcraft, to find out
  • #MWA2015_2 Ask your staff “What’s keeping you awake at night?”, not what’s your risk management plan (@janetcarding)
  • #MWA2015_3 “Southbank Centre, London introduced Google Apps: gained 70 staff hours per day because of increased collaboration and efficiency” via @chelle_mortimer
  • #MWA2015_4 Do visitors want mobile apps? Maybe not…
  • #MWA2015_5 Do visitors want a post-visit experience? Probably not…
  • #MWA2015_6 The evolution of the digivols program has huge potential for social history / maritime museums as well as natural history museums (where the program first started) see @nicolekearney ‘s presentation, Transcribing between the lines: crowd-sourcing historic data collection
  • #MWA2015_7 For museums with a national remit where does the local audience fit?
  • #MWA2015_8 Should museums tackle controversial issues asked @cakehelmit? Answer = Yes, visitors want us to do this as long as we present all sides and enable them to make up their own minds – more here
  • #MWA2015_9 Have a #tweetable mission statement / big idea
  • #MWA2015_10 CRMs are really hard to implement well and take a loooong time, even for a (relatively) well-resourced institution like MOMA
  • #MWA2015_11 Exhibitions need to give visitors choice, control, challenge, be coherent and comfortable as well as offering a social experience – more on this to come…

A final #MWA2015 thought – next year is the 20th Anniversary of Museums and the Web. Why are we still having many of the same conversations now as we did then? Going to be very keen to attend the 2016 conference to find out why!

Anyway, thanks to all the organisers for a really inspiring and interesting four days.


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