What’s the big idea? #tweetable moments #TBT

big ideaAttending Museums and the Web Asia (#MWA2015) this week and one of the ideas that appealed to me was @nhoneysett suggesting that museums could have ‘tweetable mission statements’.

This reminded me of the excellent book written by Beverley Serrell in 1996, Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach, that looked at how to write text and labels for museum exhibitions. In this she asked What’s the big idea?:

Every exhibition must have a big idea: a sentence or statement of what the exhibition is about … The big idea helps to determine what information to convey to the visitor. Imagine that you were selling the exhibition to another person who didn’t know anything about it, how would you describe it? Try writing it in one short sentence only! The big idea provides the focus for the exhibition around which the story, interpretive approaches and visitor experiences are built. A big idea helps exhibit planners share the same vision for what the exhibition is really about (Serrell, 1996:4).

So, I think that program and exhibition development teams would do well to think about framing their big idea in one tweet – what’s YOUR big [tweetable] idea?


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