#mobilemakers @UniCanberra

sewing machineA Nintendo-powered sewing machine?? A meditation bowl crafted from one years’ worth of blood pressure data, 3D printed and honed to beautiful perfection??

I’m attending the first ever #mobilemakers forum at the University of Canberra this week. The Mobile Makers project “… aims to experiment with innovative digital design and manufacturing processes, engaging especially with the Small-to-Medium Enterprise sector and craft-based designers and producers”.

The project has been conceived across four research streams:

  1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  2. Participatory Curatorship
  3. Future Heritage
  4. Materialised Narratives

While unsure of what to expect, I have come across some eye-opening uses of technology, particularly 3D printing (of which I wasn’t previously a fan of) and laser-cut technology. Therese are not only re-inventing traditional craft-based practice, but re-interpreting them within a contemporary context, without losing the intent of the original makers.

Contemplating how to apply these ideas to my topic of Virtual Vessels – have had some thoughts about a way forward, which I’ll be presenting tomorrow, so watch this space.

The two-day program can be found on the website with another article about the forum here, and follow the #mobilemakers hashtag to keep up with the conversation.

tuning forksA DIY tuning fork anyone?


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