Repurposing content #TBT

How to repurpose content

How to repurpose content (Jensen and Kelly, 2009)

“Repurposing content”: write once, publish many time across a range of mediums – this has long been my mantra, and for this #throwbackthursday post I decided to revisit some of the discussions around this theme given a week of exciting meetings and developments (more of that to come…!). This post on the Museum3.0 site, “Repurposing content”: Making Web 2.0 easy, looks at why repurposing makes a lot of sense, through enabling great content to be re-formed and re-shared across a variety of platforms. One model we developed (as part of a paper reporting on using Web 2.0 for exhibition content development – Jensen and Kelly, 2009) suggests where to place content using a repurposing mindset.

There is also a really useful presentation by Chris Alexander (@cmalexander) on Slideshare: Create. Consume. Repurpose. In this, Chris reminds us that “Museums HAVE a lot of content whether they realise it or not” and provides useful tips on what kinds of content could be repurposed for mobile product development (as an example).

So, go forth and repurpose!


  • Jensen, B. and Kelly, L. (2009). Exploring Social Media for Front-End Evaluation. Exhibitionist. Fall, p.19-25. (available online – scroll down the page for the pdf version).
  • Kelly, L. (2013). The Connected Museum in the World of Social Media. In K. Drotner and K. Schroder (Eds). Museum Communication and Social Media: The connected museum (p.54-71). Routledge: London.

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