Still learning to listen: Still listening to learn

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Why partner schools and cultural institutions?

Today a bunch of educators, museum folks, teachers and assorted others that form our much-loved Coalition of Knowledge Building Schools met to both look back and look forward in celebration of transformative practices in the classroom and beyond. A range of speakers presented their work with the Coalition and how it has impacted on all those who have been involved over the years:

  • Professor Judyth Sachs, formerly Pro Vice Chancellor at Macquarie University opened the day with a provocative talk discussing (among many things) education as activism
  • Kris Needham and Kathy Marriot outlined the work they have done with girls and bullying at a high school in outer Sydney
  • Linda O’Brien, Principal of a boys’ high school in Sydney’s west, reported on her work around negotiating the curriculum with students through the performing arts
  • Myself, Pauline Fitzgerald, Nicky Bodell, Fabienne Virago reflected on the impact of student voice on cultural institutions and how working with students is fundamentally changing the ways our institutions are developing and presenting exhibitions and programs
  • Grant Odei reported on how a boys’ high school worked with a University faculty, where his school students were clients to university architecture students – an interesting pairing
  • Deb Talbot outlined work on teacher professional learning and research for transforming classrooms, reminding us of the need to document our work (hence this initial blog post – thanks for the inspiration Deb!)
  • Sharon Ford (in absentia) presented about cooperative learning in Years 7 and 8, finishing with the much tweeted quote: It’s not enough to listen, create expectation that student voice will bring about change … and it will


We finished the day asking for participants’ reflections as a hashtag, tweet or anything else – a fun way to end and I was mightily impressed that most could come up with a one hashtag thought, for example:

  • # make the outcomes visible
  • # let us all be activists
  • # listen and do
  • # remember the wisdom of youth
  • # future thinking
  • # act on student voice
  • # trust young people and learn

I’ll post more outcomes once we’ve had time to write up our notes. You can also look at the #ckbs2014 tweets.

Thanks all for a great and inspiring day. I just wanted to finish with my own hashtag reflection: #longlivetheCoalition!

The three musketeers!

The three musketeers!


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