Twitter 101


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What is Twitter?

  • Twitter is a micro blogging site where information, images, links and thoughts are shared in 140 characters.

Why use Twitter?

  • Keep up to date with news, events, research, latest thinking in our field
  • Attend conferences and events virtually
  • Communicate with colleagues
  • Connect with like-minded people with similar interests

Learn the basics of Twitter from Twitter!

  • This page tells you all you need to know about Twitter and is a good overview / start.

Twitter as a professional development tool

Three good resources about professionals using Twitter:

How to use Twitter

  • Follow a person, organisation using the @ symbol
  • RT (retweet) – Repeat someone else’s tweet sent to your own networks
  • MT (modified tweet) similar to above but use if you edit the tweet (sometimes this is done to save characters)
  • DM (direct message) – Private message to someone you follow, no one else can see it
  • Follow a conversation using the # symbol – known as a hashtag. Good hashtags I use regularly:
    • #mtogo (museum mobile community)
    • #musdigi (my stream sharing up-to-date links and stories from our field, and beyond!)
    • #museumed (museum education)
    • #musesocial (museum social media)
    • #musetech (museums and technology)
    • #museumeval (museum evaluation)
    • #MuseumEdOz (educators and museums monthly chat)
    • #collectionfishing (weekly tweets from museum collections)
    • #museumascot (tweets from various museum objects and collection “personalities”)
    • #aleague (for updated A League news and scores!)
    • And watch for #ckbs2014

What to tweet

  • Interesting links
  • Ideas, thoughts, questions to colleagues
  • Photos and short videos (i.e. Vine)
  • Answers to questions / Engage in conversation
  • RTs

Some tips (from presentation by Carli Collins, formerly of the @ANMMuseum)

  • Anyone can see your tweets
  • Once it’s published it out there
  • It’s ok to let people know who you are
  • Fine to share your views, but make people aware that they are your views, not that of the agency
  • Use phrase ‘Views expressed are my own’ (or words to that effect) in your profile
  • Don’t share confidential information – think about your organisation’s Code of Conduct and employment contract
  • Don’t do anything to bring the organisation into trouble
  • Just remember anyone can see your tweets, unless they are private of course, but anyone can then republish, so be aware

Other useful Twitter tips

Feel free to follow me on @lyndakelly61. Happy tweeting!

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