Interactive Technology in Education Conference Day 2

On Day 2 of the ITEC conference Rob Sparks from Skyview High School told a compelling story about how one of his students was at home sick but didn’t want to miss out on his class. The student texted a friend in another class to ask for the phone number of a friend in her own class who she then contacted and asked her friend to connect her up to the class using her mobile phone. Rob noticed a disturbance in the class and when he stopped the lesson to find out what was going on the student up the back of the class held up her mobile phone and showed him the absent student sitting at home in her bed who had connected up to the classroom to participate remotely.

Rob was previously a self confessed technophobe but along with his colleague Greg Zorbas recognised that The world is open now, and If we are trying to prepare students for the future we need to be in the future with them.

These days students demand anywhere, anytime, any device, and we are moving away from room based systems was the message from Jan Zanetis who told us about BYOV – that is Bring Your Own Video.

Cathal O’Connell from Freely Accessible Remote Laboratories presented a solution to an ongoing problem – School IT networks can be inflexible, we must be flexible instead! FARLabs Experiments can be booked accessed viewed and controlled using tablets and smart phones.

Sue Beveridge introduced us to Emerging technologies for collaboration such as: Magic Planet, SMART amp, and Kinect.

Don’t need expensive gear. Do need technical and education people – Nick from the Sydney Opera House.

Multiple tools can overcome technical hiccups – Michael Beilhartz from Knox Grammar.

Anne Mirtschin is doing amazing innovative things in Victoria using multiple tools and basically whatever works to get her students involved in everything from Safer Internet Day to Scratch programming (an educator’s guide can be found here). She also shared a Google doc packed full of resources entitled The Amazing e-Classroom which is a must-read.

Finally someone to watch out for is Lloyd Godson who told us about the Nautilus Exploration Program.

Thanks to all involved in ITEC 2014.

You can read about Day 1 here.


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