If digital [is] a dimension of everything then are audiences the basis of everything?

Q_playing_lucys_adventuresThe TATE Digital Strategy 2013-2015 has been a much-quoted document as an exemplar of a way forward in digital, especially the principle: “Digital as a dimension of everything”. If that is the case then how are audiences accounted for in this new landscape? Here’s some notes from my talk at TATE today.


John Falk on the visitor: The wiring of the medium may be new but the users wiring is old.

The Connected Audience:

Is personalisation the future:

In the Berlin conference Falk masterclass, when asked about the future of museums he observed that (paraphrased here)

‘we need to recognise that museums are not for everyone all of the time; they are for different audiences at different times (and across different platforms I would add). We need less emphasis on mass production and more focus on personalisation and customisation (again, across the three contexts we operate in – physical, online and mobile).’

Is categorising audiences the answer?

The importance of a roll-out strategy: based on Smith, 2011

  • From museum-supplied to  BYOD to CYOD??

Audience research examples:

I’ll post any more thoughts, links, etc post-discussion…


6 thoughts on “If digital [is] a dimension of everything then are audiences the basis of everything?

  1. lyndakelly61 says:

    Links I promised:
    21st Century learning: research perspective – https://musdigi.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/learning-in-140-characters-the-future-of-museum-learning-in-a-digital-age/
    21st century learnjng: student perspective – https://musdigi.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/21st-century-learning-a-students-perspective/
    Know your own bone blog -http://Colleen dimension
    Future of audience research – https://musdigi.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/epicfail-has-audience-research-become-irrelevant-in-museums/

    Thnx TATE folks – I learned lots!

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