Ten tweets: Reflections on #MWA2013

Here’s my top ten from Museums and the Web Asia – there was certainly lots more, so suggest you check out the Twitter stream / website papers / YouTube channel!

  1. Open source is not always the way – small organisations with “non-tech/little-tech savvy” staff may be better off with a bespoke CMS that is manageable and sustainable
  2. Think of your website as your home country and your social media sites as your “embassies” (@sree)
  3. Findability is a problem – repurpose content across a range of platforms enabling users to find your content
  4. We need to look at data in new ways, and across platforms including mobile (@sree)
  5. Lessons learned in developing MoMA+: collaborate; ongoing research/evaluation; visitor behaviour/stories guide development; mobile only one element of visitor experience; launch is only the beginning (@sarabod)
  6.  Need to be multichannelled and multilayered
  7. Media Production in museums blog via (@annachiaretta)
  8. People + Collections + Content + Tech = great visitor experiences
  9. Google glass is something worth looking at via (@nealstimler): Google glass allows you to look through the art (@sree)
  10. Lessons from a new museum technologist / old-hand journalist (Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Met) well worth a read. My fave quote? Media outlets usually work on incredibly short deadlines. Museums usually work on incredibly long deadlines…

Was a great conference – well done all!


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