And the answer is? Well, it depends… #MWA2013

I’m constantly asked for an answer to many questions –  should we use a mobile website or a mobile app? Should we contract development out or do it in-house? Should we open source or not? Should we charge for a mobile app? What’s for dinner?!

These days I’m increasingly finding myself answering “it depends”.

It depends on what? Your business strategy, your goals and your audiences – what are you trying to achieve and for who? Coupled with this is the need to consider what you can actually manage given your resources and skills-base inside the institution. Who is responsible for the project, who is going to be responsible for maintenance and what is your exit strategy?

Another common answer I often use is “I don’t know, but let’s give it a try” (except when asked what’s for dinner – that only leads to teenage pain!).


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