Digital Production: developing, implementing and evaluating your digital project

I presented this workshop at Museums and the Web Asia 2013 and am about to present again at Museums and the Web Asia 2014.

In preparing I have found the following resources useful – you might too:

I also used the steps in developing an ICT (i.e. digital) project outlined by Stiff (2002, p.355-363) particularly good. He suggested that we:

  • focus on the organisational priorities
  • consider whether ICT is actually the solution
  • look for opportunities – ICT to develop a product, as well as threats – ICT to solve a problem
  • think about measuring success – and in doing so focus on enhancing the user/visitor experience, while considering both users and non-users
  • involve and engage staff: “It is no good taking a management decision to implement new systems or practices without getting the users [staff] to support these changes” (p.356) and that “Successful projects are based on shared responsibility
  • plan for the future – be flexible, adaptive and agile
  • develop a shared vision
  • focus the project around audience; purpose; outcome; and what success looks like (i.e. metrics)
  • look at what others are doing (e.g. via #mtogo, blogs, industry in general such as Mashable and ReadWriteWeb)

specify requirements:

  • Business requirements – the why
  • Functional brief – the what
  • “Keep your options open so that all possibilities can be considered and their relative merits properly weighed” (p.360)
  • be specific, but not too specific
  • not over-complicate
  • ‘chunk’ the project – “turn your big problem into lots of smaller, easier ones” (p.363)

(SOURCE: Stiff, M. (2002). Managing New Technology Projects in Museums and Galleries. Cambridge: MDA, 13-25.)

The top tips from building / digital / capacity / for the arts are also worth repeating here:

  • Keep in the loop
  • Get help from outside
  • Think about the user
  • Be open about your budget
  • Understand what is being proposed
  • Let them know what you’re looking for
  • Content is king
  • Be nosey

And finally, my favourite piece of advice is to think at the outset about your roll-out strategy!


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